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Physical Demands Analysis

PDA is a breakdown of every task performed for each position, the time spent on each task, and every fitness related hazard associated with that task. PDAs help to fairly and accurately determine the physical requirement needed for a worker to safely perform specific tasks.  These assessments help employers assign the right resource to the right job and reduce the time needed to safely return an injured worker back to work.  Employers will no longer have to incur the expense of developing a PDA when required by the WCB, by using the ACA PDA as an industry standard.

“Use the physical demands analysis in your organization to reduce the risk of injury and identify appropriate return-to-work options. Share the physical demands analysis with health care professionals and/or claim owners to help recovery, return to work and minimize costs,” WCB Alberta.

Reduce Your Future Cost; Offer Your Jobsite for PDA Development & Receive Your Unique PDA
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Commercial Construction

Commercial Carpenter
Commercial Electrician
Commercial Glazer
Commercial Plumbing
General Foreman
Journeyman Finishing Carpenter
Sprinkler System Installer
Mass Timber Glu-Lam Carpenter
Framing Carpenter
Form Worker
Hoist Operator

Roadbuilding and Heavy Construction PDAs

Asphalt Plant Worker
Asphalt Rakeman
Concrete Finisher
Concrete Form Worker
Heavy Duty Mechanic
Heavy Equipment Operator – Excavator
Heavy Equipment Operator – Roller Operator
Underground Pipe Layer
Surface Labourer
Form Labourer
Form Driver
Utility Worker


Class 1 Driver
Demolition Labourer
Heavy Equipment Operator
Heavy Hauler
Roll Off Bin Truck Drivers


Cabinet Installer
Cabinet Maker
CNC Operator – Beam Saw
CNC Operator – Weeke

Residential Construction

Air Conditioning Installer
Gas Fitter
HVAC Installer
Residential Painter

Sand and Gravel

Crush Plant Operator
Grader Operator
Labourer Groundsperson
Rock Truck
Scale Operator
Water Truck Operator

Commerical Roofing

Torch on Membrane
Shop Fabrication
Adhesive Membrane
Demolition Phase
Mopping Membrane
Field Installation


Taper Mudder
TBar Installer
Steel Stud Framer