Government Discusses Code Changes with Industry

Last week, Alberta Construction Association (ACA) led a group of construction industry associations into a meeting with the Labour Minister to discuss how changes to employment standards are negatively impacting our workforce (see letter).

ACA and our partner associations noted that weather dependencies, remote locations and project-based work make it difficult for workers to achieve the number of hours of work and work-life balance.

A follow-up meeting takes place this week.

ACA remains committed to working to get commitments from government that is best for our members and employees.

WCB Changes Arriving In September

As result of legislation passed last year there are a number of changes to the WCB some of which go into effect September 1, 2018.

First is the Code of Rights and Conduct which articulates the rights of workers and employers in their interactions with the WCB and how they commit to operate in recognition of these rights.

Second, the establishment of employers’ obligation to return injured workers to work (and workers’ responsibility to cooperate). Find out what the employer obligations are via this fact sheet.

Third, continuing coverage for injured workers under their employers’ existing health benefits program. Learn more in the WCB employer fact sheet.

Finally, a provision of interim relief for workers and employers while their matters are under review or appeal. This is financial support provided in exceptional circumstances where financial hardship is demonstrated.  For more information read the employer fact sheets.

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