Canadian Construction Sector is a Ready and Willing Partner on Innovation

CCInnovations members across the country — from buyers of construction services to design professionals to contractors to manufacturers and suppliers — commend the government for expanding funds and establishing new programs in Budget 2017 that will support research and development in the construction sector.

Construction is the cornerstone of the Canadian economy. The industry generates over $100 billion in economic activity annually, representing roughly 9% of Canada’s private sector GDP. The sector employs 1.25 million workers from every community in Canada – roughly 7% of the nation’s workforce. The construction sector is responsible for over 40% of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions and utilizes over 50% of our natural resources.

CCInnovations is a federally incorporated not-for-profit organization dedicated to developing a national, collaborative, and industry-oriented innovation strategy for the Canadian construction industry.

You can find out more about them here.

BuildForce Encouraging Working Together for Productivity

From company owners and contractors to workers, all sectors and all members of Canada’s construction and maintenance industry are being urged to join a national effort to change the way they plan, work and build. The industry-led initiative aimed at boosting productivity, was launched today by BuildForce Canada.

BuildForce is raising industry awareness about best practices and how companies can work smarter. A new portal on will link industry to best practices, research and resources. Productivity is being incorporated into BuildForce’s online training courses and will also be a focus of a national construction industry summit planned for this fall.

Productivity is considered essential to keeping Canada’s economy competitive. Even small practical steps can help improve productivity, from communication between owners and contractors to ensuring equipment arrives on time.

BuildForce Canada is a national industry-led organization that represents all sectors of Canada’s construction industry. Its mandate is to provide accurate and timely labour market data and analysis, as well as programs and initiatives to help manage workforce requirements and build the capacity and the capability of Canada’s construction and maintenance workforce.

For further information, contact: Rosemary Sparks, Executive Director, BuildForce Canada, or (905)-852-9186

Alberta Budget 2017

On Thursday, March 16, 2017, the Government of Alberta revealed the 2017 budget. The government in the past has recognised the importance of investing in infrastructure. ACA has always said that infrastructure investment is a way to keep good trade jobs in Alberta during difficult times in other parts of the economy.

The Government has increased the capital plan for the next 4 years by over a billion dollars to build much needed schools, health care facilities, and roads.  That additional $1 billion means half a billion dollars in wages for hard working Albertans across the province. Half a billion dollars supports 6600 full time construction jobs in a year.

ACA supports a number of budget measures including increased funding of $46 million for apprenticeship delivery and new training opportunities as this will support construction jobs and families across Alberta. Building schools at an accelerated rate will assist young families and school systems under pressure, particularly in our larger communities. We also commend the government on making changes to control future spending.

We caution the government to continue to create more savings and find more ways to avoid increasing the deficit and government spending. It will hurt job growth and spending flexibility if the government is hampered by debt services which is set to increase to $2 Billion a year by 2020.

While the Fort McMurray fire was a large unaccounted for expense the government needs to explain its plan for the best way to bring the budget back to balance without impacting employment.

You can read about the budget here.

The Capital Plan will support $29.5 billion in infrastructure projects over 4 years, including:

  • ​$7.6 billion in municipal infrastructure support, including $4.8 billion under the Municipal Sustainability Initiative and $0.8 billion for GreenTRIP
  • $4.7 billion for capital maintenance and renewal to ensure public facilities will continue to serve the needs of Albertans
  • $3.8 billion for climate change and environmental sustainability
  • $4.5 billion for health infrastructure including $400 million towards the planning and implementation of a new hospital in Edmonton, starting in 2018-19
  • $2.6 billion for schools
  • $3.1 billion for roads and bridges
  • $100 million to support Albertans living on reserves who do not have reliable access to clean drinking water

View Alberta Government 2017 Capital Plan