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Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program Re-opening

As of January 27, 2016, the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) pause on application intake is over. The AINP is now accepting new applications under all streams and categories.

During the temporary pause on application intake, the AINP was successful in reducing the queue by almost half, with fewer than 5,000 applications still remaining to be processed.

In order to manage the volume of applications going forward, the government may stop accepting new applications in the future if the program is oversubscribed. They will monitor the program closely and look for opportunities to improve the program as necessary in the future.

Individuals who had applied to the AINP before the pause do not need to reapply, and their existing application will remain in the queue awaiting assessment. Applicants can visit regularly for updates on AINP application processing and inventory status.

For more information about the AINP, visit the website at You can also call the Immigrate to Alberta Information Service at 1-877-427-6419 for general inquiries.

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Government Announces Petrochemicals Diversification Program

This week the province announced it would be seeking to create a diversification program around encouraging companies to invest in the development of new Alberta petrochemical facilities by providing royalty credits. The program is expected to support the construction of several petrochemical facilities that use methane or propane to produce the materials for products that include plastics, detergents and textiles.

The Government of Alberta will award royalty credits to select petrochemical facilities through a competitive application process. The total amount of the program is $500 million.

You can read more about the program here.

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No Substantial Change in Royalty Review

The Alberta Government’s Royalty Review Advisory Panel’s recommendations to the province were made public last week. They concluded that Alberta’s royalties are similar to other jurisdictions but that the industry’s costs are higher.

The panel recommended a modernized framework that sets drilling cost allowances for wells according to an industry-wide average. This will allow the industry to remain at the levels they were at previously on Royalties or possibly improve their position.

Premier Rachel Notley said of the report, “Our new system will gradually deliver greater revenue to Albertans while building a more competitive energy sector enhanced by greater transparency and performance measurements to allow Albertans to hold government and industry to our commitments”.

To view the Royalty Review click here.

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