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The CAREERS: The Next Generation Award of Excellence in Skilled Trades

As part of CAREERS: The Next Generation’s commitment to a vision of strong, vibrant communities, they honour key players in creating that vision annually. These awards recognize the outstanding mentors and promising student apprentices who are contributing value to Alberta’s designated trades. Students are eligible for a $200 scholarship to continue their training.

2016 Students

Vineth Castelino, Carpentry Apprentice – Glenmary High School, Peace River, AB
Chris Mendonca, Sheet Metal Apprentice – Ross Shepard High School, Edmonton, AB
Carter Petersen, Electrician Apprentice – Lord Beaverbrook High School, Calgary, AB

2016 Mentors

Ian Eygenraam, G & S Airport Conveyor, Strathmore, AB
Roberta Kupka, Territorial Electric Ltd., Edmonton, AB

The ACA would like to congratulations to all the award winners.


Building Productivity

Among industry experts there is a feeling that the Construction industry has been behind on establishing productivity. According to a recent report of the World Economic Forum it considers the Construction industry’s productivity to be “meager”. The Swiss based business organization sets out guidelines for the industry to improve to meet burgeoning global demand.

“Digitalization, innovative technologies and new construction techniques” are the keys to improvement, says the report entitled Shaping the Future of Construction–A Breakthrough in Mindset and Technology.

In Canada, in response to these types of concerns, Alberta Construction Association has helped to fund the Canada Construction Innovation (CCI).  As part of its long term strategy the CCI are looking to position the Canadian Construction Industry at the forefront of International competition. As well as move the Construction Industry forward to build a stronger future for the entire Canadian economy.

Another achievement which the ACA supports is the foundation of the Lean Construction Institute. Established in 2015 as a special committee of the Canadian Construction Association the Lean Construction Institute is helping transform the building industry in Canada by making a difference in how projects are planned, designed and managed, in all forms of project delivery. Lean Construction helps deliver construction projects more efficiently, while increasing productivity in all aspects of a project.


Employment Insurance Quality Review

The federal government is asking for input on ways it can improve services to Employment Insurance (EI) claimants through in-person centres, call centres and online, and focusing on three key areas:

  1.  Streamlining applications
  2.  Reducing wait times for service delivery
  3.  Reducing administrative burden for employers

This EI Service Quality Review includes a nationwide consultation process that will provide stakeholders, with the opportunity to share views and ideas on EI service delivery—feedback which will be used to inform the Government in finding the best path forward to meet the services needs of Canadians. The review will assess the administrative challenges faced by Service Canada employees and recommend how these can be addressed so that EI claimants receive timely access to the benefits to which they are entitled.

If you have any input on this matter, contact Aneel Rangi from Canadian Construction Association, and CCA will convey it to the government when it is consulted. The CCA has asked for comments to be emailed before the end of May 19th.