Friday, July 19, 2024

Occupational Health & Safety

ACA Policy

The Association endorses the Alberta Construction Safety Association and recommends that all participants in the industry likewise support its programs as a means of safeguarding the health and safety of those who are involved in construction.

Parties should recognize that a culture of safety requires a partnership of shared responsibility. To be successful, this culture requires an ongoing shared commitment to safety by three partners ‐ employers, individual personnel on jobsites, and the provincial government for regulatory enforcement.

You can find ACA’s full OHS policy here.

Letters and Submissions to Government

ACA Submission to OHS Review Panel – August 2020
Interpretation of a Construction Site 2020
ACA Submission to OHS Review Panel – April 5, 2018
ACA Submission to Cannabis Review Panel – March 8, 2018
ACA Letter to Minister Gray Regarding OHS Review – October 16, 2017
ACA Letter to the Federal Cannabis Legalization and Regulation Secretariat – September 21, 2016