Sunday, May 26, 2024

Retraining Partnership with WCB

ACA acknowledges that many of our member firms are struggling to keep their valued employees during this slow market.  We understand your existing workforce is your first priority.

For those member firms that are in the fortunate position to be adding new staff, Alberta Construction Association and the Workers Compensation Board have partnered to introduce qualified candidates to employers for one of two positions: entry level BIM practitioner, and entry level estimator.

While our focus is on these 2 occupations, we do not want to limit our members from considering all candidates to other positions you may have.

ACA is pleased to partner with the WCB to develop a new program to retrain injured construction workers into entry level BIM practitioners. ACA members face a shortage of BIM practitioners and tell us trades experience is extremely beneficial for success in this role.  The WCB have tailor made the Training on the Job program to customize training and screen potential new hires to meet contractor needs, whether as a general contractor or as a trade contractor.  

Employers that are interested in hiring and potentially receiving WCB’s Training on the job wage assistance should contact

Current Programs:

WCB’s Training on the Job Program:

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Current Candidates

Candidate 1:  Candidate ‘1’has trade experience, experience running his own business and recently completed the Project Management course at NAIT.  ‘1’ is confident in his skills and abilities also in QA and is open to a position in that field.

Candidate 2:  Candidate ‘2’ resides in the area of Cold Lake.  ‘2’ has a strong knowledge of construction materials and would be a genuine asset to any company who is seeking a mature worker with industry knowledge and customer service skills.

Candidate 3 : Candidate 3’ has commercial construction experience and recently completed the Project Management course at NAIT.  ‘3’ is looking for a long-term commitment and one where they can learn and grow with the company. ‘3’ is currently upgrading his Excel skills and recently completed a two day course offered by the U of A in MS Projects.  ‘3’ plans to attend the follow-up level 2 course later this year.

Reducing Your WCB Costs

Every employer is paying for injured workers. Economic Loss Payments have increased significantly in recent years. 

Key statistics provided by the WCB:

  • ELP is a capitalized cost where the estimated lifetime cost of this benefit is recognized in the year the cost is charged. Therefore, an increase in the number of ELP cases has a significant impact on annual claim costs.
  • Between 2015 and 2017 ELP costs increased by approximately $132 million generated by around 700 additional claims.
  • There has been an 85% increase in ELP volumes over a 3 year window and 26% increase in the average ELP cost per claim over the same period driven by poor wage quality and a shrinking labour market, resulting in fewer opportunities for workers to secure similar hours and pay to what they experienced prior to getting hurt
  • There were 880 ELP decisions in 2018 with an average payment of $282k per claim.
  • Approximately 22 cents of the $1.08 system wide 2019 premium averaged for all employers results from ELPs.
  • There are roughly 800 to 900 workers in the WCB pool of permanently disabled workers that are skilled people who can bring benefit to an organization but cannot go back to their own job. A focus on this group would most significantly reduce cost increases and the TOJ program is a means to reintegrate these workers to new employment.