Monday, April 15, 2024

Safety in Construction

ACA’s Role

Safe workers and worksites are a priority for Alberta’s construction industry and the Alberta Construction Association.

ACA founded the Alberta Construction Safety Association in 1988 as a permanent body to provide safety education and training for our industry. The operations of the Alberta Construction Safety Association are fully funded by the industry through a levy on premiums paid to the Workers Compensation Board. ACA Policy endorses the programs of the ACSA including the Certificate of Recognition (COR) program.  Members are strongly encouraged to obtain and maintain their COR as part of a comprehensive, effective, and auditable workplace health and safety management system.

Since 1993, introduction of safety programs and training of industry personnel has contributed to a 20% decline in Lost Time Claim Rates for the construction industry. Over 100,000 people take courses from the ACSA each year.

To learn more about the activities and programs of the Alberta Construction Safety Association, please click here.

In 2016 the ACA has published guidelines for Silica Best Practices you can find them:

ACA Silica Best Practices 2016

ACA Silica Protection Operating Procedure 2016