Sunday, June 23, 2024
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ACA Chair meets with Innovation and Advanced Education / Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour Minister Lori Sigurdson

On Tuesday August 4th ACA Chair Dave Kinley and Executive Director Ken Gibson met with Minister Lori Sigurdson.  Dave explained his responsibility as Chair is to share industry perspectives on behalf of the membership and offered ACA as a vehicle for the Minister to seek feedback from industry.

ACA shared highlights of a long history of successful partnerships with the Government of Alberta in the areas of apprenticeship, employment, and safety.  The Minister was interested to learn of association partnerships with the school system, including with the College of Alberta School Superintendents to promote partnerships between industry and school districts.  ACA also expressed its strong support for public delivery of Alberta’s apprenticeship training system.

Finally, ACA stated that industry is not sure that the current silica OEL of .025 is supported by medical evidence and that we are unsure that testing at the .025 level is scientifically reliable. While sharing these concerns, ACA expressed appreciation that OHS working with ACA to review testing results once new industry practices to reduce silica exposure are in place on jobsites.

ACA appreciates the very timely response from the Minister to meet, her supportive comments in the meeting, and confirmation for future productive dialogue.

Thank you Minister!