Sunday, June 23, 2024

Contractor Prequalification with AB Health Services

As part of ACA’s ongoing partnership, AHS has requested ACA share the attached information with our members.  AHS has a need for Contractor services providers related to construction and capital projects across the province of Alberta. AHS intends to pre-qualify firms in various categories and subsequently engage such firms in the manner set out in this document.

Further, the pre-qualification process described in the attachments will be used for certain services required by Covenant Health and various AHS subsidiaries (or subsidiaries of those subsidiaries) (e.g. Carewest and CapitalCare). Accordingly, by pre-qualifying to conduct services for AHS, the Pre-qualified Proponents will also be pre-qualified to conduct services for Covenant Health and AHS subsidiaries (or subsidiaries of those subsidiaries).

To view documents click below:

Schedule A – Response Workbook

Pre-Qualification AHS-2015-1944

Appendix 1 – EOI

Schedule D2 – Category Requirements For Contractor Services

Schedule D1 – AHS Zone Map