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Alberta Health Services PreQual Feedback Request

ACA is seeking your comments to the questions contained below by November 3rd, 2020. ACA will keep your response confidential and will combine individual responses into an association response.  Please email your response to

For context AHS has had this pre-qualification in place since 2014 and is currently re-designing the process for the pre-qualification with an intent to re-compile a new list of pre-qualified vendors that would be eligible to participate in future bid opportunities.

The existing pre-qualification list has in excess of 200 vendors across dozens of categories and the bulk of the opportunities that are issued to the pre-qualification list are RFQ’s (low-bid award) that can be responded to by all of the vendors in a specific category. As part of the re-design AHS has eliminated many categories to align the remaining categories to services AHS uses on a frequent basis. AHS has also added significant amounts of criteria questions to the RFP to gain additional clarity on how firms conduct the services and their qualifications/experience.

AHS is requesting feedback on:

  1. The documents listed below, which represent the format/layout of the pre-qualification (i.e. service categories, high level methodology to be used to issue procurement to the list once compiled, and the criteria/response information AHS is requesting to evaluate proponents firms against).
  2. The structure/format of AHS pre-qualification and its alignment with industry best practices. This includes feedback on whether the pre-qualification is an appropriate and effective method in which to procure vendors in a fair and transparent manner.
  3. Potential areas where AHS can improve the pre-qualification, streamline/modify its use, clarify how the pre-qualification is compiled and utilized including any feedback on how the existing list has been used and what can be done to further improve the usage.
  4. General feedback on AHS processes for procuring this type of work and any other options that AHS should consider for how to source these types of services.

Further reading:

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