Thursday, July 18, 2024

ACA Releases Capital Plan Recommendations

On Tuesday January 30, Alberta Construction Association (ACA) sent MLA’s a copy of our Capital Plan Recommendations ahead of the 2018 budget. With the development of schools, funding to various municipal public transit projects, and increasing need for expansion or construction on hospitals the province continues to have infrastructure needs that must be met regardless of economic circumstances.

ACA’s recognizes that jobs are a priority of this government and keeping Albertans employed in good paying jobs is critical to the economic engine. Dramatic swings in infrastructure investment discourage young people from choosing a career in construction, discourage existing workers from remaining in construction, disrupt training of new apprentices, contribute to higher accident rates, and lead to financial hardship for companies.

ACA members strive to provide infrastructure to meet the needs of Albertans in a cost effective, environmentally sustainable, and safe manner. Alberta’s construction industry shares a number of priorities with the Alberta Government to enhance productivity and competitiveness of the Alberta economy.

You can read a copy of the recommendations here.