Sunday, June 23, 2024

Workshop Identifies Real Improvements for Flow of Payment

Citing that such a conversation was long overdue, owners, architects, engineers, general contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers came together in Calgary June 15th for the first Optimizing the Flow of Payment workshop.  The unique format, in which participating organizations were asked to bring representation from both project management and accounting, revealed the value of involvement of the financial personnel in successful project execution.

The issues of a lack of transparency of contract requirements; of incomplete or inaccurate documentation accompanying invoices; of differing processes and timelines for different levels in the value chain, were common across all organizations – yet everyone agreed none of these problems were insurmountable!

Working first in a multidisciplinary format, then in single disciplines, highly engaged teams mapped current and improved payment streams. Participants accessed potential best practices from ACA’s expert panelists to view these videos please click here.

The proof of the workshop’s value?  Participants:

  • Identified specific processes that they were going to review for implementation in their own organizations,
  • Agreed to return in October for part 2 of the workshop to share what they had implemented, and
  • Asked for the contact information of every participant to maintain the communication and collaboration

Some of the best practices identified include:

  • Taking the Gold Seal ethics course to enhance shared understanding
  • Identifying accounting contacts to ensure good communication flow
  • Establishing documentation checklists accessible to all partners
  • Involving the accounting contacts in the project kick-off meeting
  • Having a draft or trial invoice of a small amount very early in the project to test systems and communication
  • Paying undisputed amounts
  • Progressive release of holdback
  • Separating change orders from regular progress draws

The part 1 workshop is also scheduled for Edmonton this week.

Following the workshops, ACA will develop a best practices document for dissemination and advocacy to achieve widespread adoption.

Thank you to the following:

ACA would like to thank the Calgary Construction Association and its OAEC group, and workshop facilitator Debbie Hicks for their excellence in conducting the part 1 workshop.

ACA thanks the following participants:


Nicola Huppertz, AB Health Service

Dawnlesley Hamilton, AB Health Services

Max Amodio, AB Infrastructure

Andrea Medeiros, AB Infrastructure

Sofia Coutts, AB Infrastructure

David Lee, Cadillac Fairview Corp.

Yvette Schuler, Calgary Airport Authority

Nathalie Boyd, Calgary Airport Authority

Anita Ip, Calgary Airport Authority

Glenn Chanut, City of Calgary

Lynne Davies. City of Calgary

Mary Lifton, City of Calgary



Ralph Sandl, Dialog

Ken Preeper, Gibbs Gage Architects

Nancy Vruwink, Group 2 Architecture

Ancizar Ossa, Group 2 Architecture

Melody Zaleschuk, Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning

Katherine Robinson, Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning

Claudia Schaaf, Marshall Tittemore Architects

Colm Sheridan, Zeidler BKDI Architects



Betty Pike, Read Jones Christoffersen

Chris Davis, Read Jones Christoffersen

Lorne Hildebrandt, Stantec Consulting

Sander Quartero, WSP Canada Group


Contractors and Suppliers

Larry Tennis, Bird Construction

Donna Woo, Bird Construction

Victor Jensen, Botting & Associates

Norm Kuntz, Burnco Rock Products

Lorette Metz, Burnco Rock Products

Colin Barclay, Canem Systems

Don Avant, Centron Group of Companies

Richard Heine, Centron Group of Companies

Shawn Weinkauf, Davidson Enman Lumber

Trevor Roy, Graham Construction & Engineering

Jim Clement, Graham Construction & Engineering

Elaine Reitmeier, Grant Metal Products

Sasha Cesto, Westcal Insulation

Maggie Pusztay, Westcor Construction

Val Stordy, Westcor Construction



Dave Smith, Calgary Construction Association

Gary Gies, Red Deer Construction Association

Ashley Dunn, Medicine Hat Construction Association