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CCDC Article Listings

Source and LinkSource TypeTitlePurposeCategoryYear
CCDCAssociationCCDC BulletinsExplain clauses and represent industry best practicesGeneral1998-2017
ConstructConnectJournalCCDC documents can help restore trust and manage risksPromote use of CCDCGeneral2008
Construction CanadaJournalDawn of the ‘super contract’Advocate for reducing the number of CCDC contractsGeneral2014
SHK LawLaw FirmSupplementary Conditions In Construction ContractsDiscusses supplementary conditionsGeneral2016
Miller ThomsonLaw FirmThe Ins and Outs of Statutory Appeals of Arbitration DecisionsClarify arbitrationGeneral2018
Ontario Construction ReportJournalCollaboration and CCDC adherence vital for complex development project successPromote use of CCDCGeneral2018
Miller ThomsonLaw FirmCCDC 2 – 2008: NEW AND IMPROVEDIntroduction of 2008 changesCCDC22008
Jenkins Marzban Logan LLPLaw FirmCCDC2 – 2008 Stipulated Price ContractOverview of changes in 2008 CCDC2CCDC22008
ConstructConnectJournalNew CCDC2 includes significant changesIntroduction of 2008 changesCCDC22008
Construction Law CanadaJournalDoes The CCDC Dispute Resolution Clause Require Arbitration?Discusses meaning of arbitration clause in CCDC2CCDC22013
Glaholt LLPLaw FirmTHE ROLE OF FUNDAMENTAL BREACH IN CCDC 2 CONTRACTSClarifies contractor fundamental breach in CCDC2CCDC22014
DentonsLaw FirmIndemnity, Insurance, Waiver, and Warranty Provisions of the CCDC-2 Stipulated Price ContractExplains advantages and disadvantages of CCDC2, and indemnity, insurance, waiver and warrenty provisionsCCDC22015
Jenkins Marzban Logan LLPLaw FirmCCDC5a – 2010 Construction Management Contract for ServicesOverview of CCDC5a and CCDC5bCCDC52010
Burnet, Duckworth and Palmer LLPLaw FirmConstruction Management Standard ContractExplains differences in CCDC5a and CCDC5bCCDC52013
Langlois Law FirmDemystifying Construction Management ContractsExplains CCDC5CCDC52018
CCDC 14 & 15
Blaney McMurtry LLPLaw FirmNew CCDC Design-Build ContractsIntroduces new CCDC14 and CCDC 15 documentsCCDC14/152013
Construction Law LetterJournalAn Initial Review Of The New CCDC 14Introduces new CCDC14 and CCDC 15 documentsCCDC14/152014
Borden Ladner GervaisLaw FirmUpdated Design-Build ContractsIntroduces new CCDC14 and CCDC 15 documentsCCDC14/152014
Fredricton Northwest Construction AssociationAssociationCCDC14 Design-Build Stipulated
Price Contract
Very brief overview of CCDC14CCDC14
Miller ThomsonLaw FirmCCDC Introduces Integrated Project Delivery ContractSummary of IPDCCDC302018
Ontario Construction ReportJournalCCDC30: The new Integrated Project Delivery contract takes design and construction collaboration and risk sharing to a new levelIntroduction to CCDC30CCDC302018
OslerLaw FirmIntegrated Project Delivery model in Canada: What you need to knowSummary of IPDCCDC302018