Alberta Infrastructure Introduces Digital Delivery and Handover Requirements

In an effort to improve asset management and efficiency in facility operations and maintenance, Alberta Infrastructure has introduced new digital requirements that are now in effect.  These requirements can be accessed at AI’s Technical Resource Centre website.  ACA thanks Alberta Infrastructure for the opportunity to participate in a stakeholder working group to review and shape the digital requirements.  ACA thanks Dan Doherty (Clark Builders) and Sonny Shem (PCL) for representing ACA in this work.  ACA also thanks the member contractors who provided their input to Dan and Sonny.

Infrastructure’s requirements are intended to be a set of living documents, improved with lessons learned from project experience.  Infrastructure plans to work with a number of industry groups to assist industry awareness and education for the application of the requirements.  ACA will inform members as educational opportunities are confirmed.

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Governments of Canada and Alberta Announce Bilateral Funding Agreement

On Tuesday April 3, 2018, Amarjeet Sohi, federal Minister of Infrastructure and Communities, and Sandra Jansen, Minister of Alberta Infrastructure, announced the signing of a bilateral agreement that will provide more than $3.3 billion in federal funding through the Investing in Canada plan over the next decade for infrastructure projects. These projects will be cost-shared with the Alberta government, municipalities and other partners.

This new funding will see the Government of Canada and the Government of Alberta make unprecedented investments in public transit, green infrastructure, recreational, cultural, and community infrastructure, as well as rural and northern communities.

The funding builds on Alberta’s 2018 Capital Plan, which commits $26.6 billion over five years to support priority infrastructure projects across the province.

For further information regarding this funding announcement please read the full release here.

Top Five Construction Technology Trends to Keep Workers Safe

In a recent article from Sarah Noel Block Director of Marketing & Education for The Moran Group she discussed five newest technology trends to keep workers safe.

The one-time Science Fiction of wearing power suits now allows the wearer to ease joint strain and to do more work with less strain.

From sensors to smart watches the effort is in using wearable gear to keep track of the health of a worker not unlike NASA does with its astronauts.

Site Sensors:
Used to detect levels of toxins in the air they act as early warnings systems.

Drones are starting to play a critical role in safety inspections at a site as they can reach areas humans cannot and keep people out of hazardous situations.

Virtual Reality:
Can be used in safety training, in site management, and allow designers to walk through a site and see what the problems might exist before even putting a single shovel in the ground.

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