Friday, April 12, 2024

ACA Board Changes

At ACA’s Annual General Meeting at the end of January new Chair Trevor Doucette (Graham Construction) was elected as John Winter (Cooper Concrete) moved into the Past Chair role. Joining them on the management committee is Jason Portas (PCL) and Jen Hancock (Chandos) formerly the Edmonton Construction Association representative on the board. Trevor joined ACA’s management committee in 2 years ago. Trevor has been chair of Edmonton Construction Association and serves on the Canadian Construction Association board.

Leon Gullickson(Celtic Construction) who had served for 4 years in various capacities on the board leaves with our thanks as a great leader of the association during the height of the pandemic. Helping to guide us through a difficult period.

We would also thank all of those who serve on the board for their commitment, their employers for freeing up their time, and the LCAs for their nominations.

ACA’s Board for 2023 is:
Trevor Doucette (Chair)
Graham Construction & Engineering

John Winter (Past Chair)
Cooper Concrete Construction Ltd.

Jason Portas (Senior Vice Chair) 
PCL Construction Management

Jen Hancock (Vice Chair)
Chandos Construction

Todd Poulsen (Calgary)
Elan Construction Limited

John Manes (Calgary)
Spalding Hardware Systems Inc.

Ryan Christensen (Edmonton)
Delnor Construction Ltd.

Derek Ciezki (Edmonton)
SMP Engineering

Keith Plowman (Fort McMurray) 
K Plowman Contracting Ltd.

Todd Anderson (Grande Prairie) 
Chinook Drywall

Evan Barr (Lethbridge)
Neu-lite Electric Inc.

Krystal Monteith (Lloydminster) 
Sveer Maintenance Ltd.

Doug Bide (Medicine Hat) 
DOX Construction Management

Kelly Vopni (Red Deer)
Goodmen Roofing Ltd.