Sunday, May 26, 2024

ACA Applauds Infrastructure Investment in 2021 Federal Budget

The Alberta Construction Association is pleased with the central role of infrastructure investment for economic recovery in the Federal Budget 2021. Federal support for improving Canada’s Trade Corridors is important for Alberta’s landlocked export driven economy, and investments to help decarbonize heavy industry could have a major impact as many large emitters are located in our province.  Support for Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage Technologies is essential to achieving significant reductions.

Alberta Construction Association welcomes the targeted support to hire first year apprentices, and the various investments proposed to improve skills and increase employment. With our young population, investments in enhanced access to child care will help many of our employees.

Budget 2021 investments in digital technologies will accelerate much needed adoption in Alberta’s construction industry. ACA welcomes Budget 2021’s continued support for Alberta’s expertise in artificial intelligence which we believe has potentially game changing applications for contractors.

Like our national partner, the Canadian Construction Association, we note that Budget 2021 does not address the construction industry’s concern that existing federal stimulus investments in municipal and provincial infrastructure have not moved ahead quickly. Alberta’s construction industry wants to be back to work, supporting our families and building better communities and urges government at all levels to tackle this challenge.

Leon Gullickson, Celtic Construction
Chair of Alberta Construction Association