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ACA Advocacy Update

September 2020
Ken Gibson, Executive Director

ACA advanced member interests on numerous advocacy fronts in 2020.

Partnered to lead the commercial construction industry response in Prompt Pay consultations. Legislation is expected in the fall 2020 sitting of the Legislature.   There is strong alignment among industry groups to adopt much of the Ontario legislative approach for prompt pay. ACA, ATCC, and GCAC are advocating to be a Nominating Body for payment dispute adjudicators, to ensure industry expertise and affordable cost for industry. Read ACA’s recommendations re adjudicating prompt pay disputes.

Successfully lobbied for the appointment of 3 former ACA chairs to the Skills for Jobs Task Force – Paul Heyens, Paul Verhesen, and Colin Ward. The Skills for Jobs Task Force has been appointed to find ways to expand and strengthen apprenticeship education and skilled trades opportunities to meet labour demands. The Task Force is expected to report in late 2020. Read ACA’s submission.

ACA advocacy for increased flexibility in overtime averaging agreements paid off with the passage of Bill 32 “Restoring Balance in Alberta’s Workplaces Act”.

The Government of Alberta launched a review of the Workers’ Compensation Act to ensure job creators and workers benefit from a workers’ compensation system that is fair, affordable and sustainable.

Several topics are being reviewed, including benefits for workers, supports for return to work after an injury or illness, sustainability of the workers’ compensation system, and enhancements of workers’ compensation processes and governance requirements. Legislation is expected in the fall 2020 sitting of the Legislature.   ACA’s submission highlighted changes to return WCB to a no-fault insurance system rather than a social program funded by employers. Read ACA’s submission.

The Government of Alberta invited stakeholders to submit comments to inform potential legislative reform of OHS legislation and its associated regulations to improve health and safety outcomes, while enabling innovation and competitiveness. Legislation is expected in the fall 2020 sitting of the Legislature. ACA’s submission highlights the need for evidence-based regulation that demonstrates actual improvements in job site safety, not burdensome administration. Read ACA’s submission.

ACA former chair Paul Verhesen was appointed Co-Chair of the Red Tape Reduction Industry Panel for the Construction Sector and Ken Gibson appointed to chair the Vertical Construction sub-group. The Panel provides advice to the GOA on regulatory burden with the view to eliminating red tape that is costing Alberta business. The Panel reports in late 2020.

Provided input on the Alberta infrastructure Act and 20-Year Capital Plan. The Act is intended to serve as a legislated governance framework for capital planning in Alberta. The 20-Year Plan is intended to be a visionary document that considers long-term trends and priorities for provincial infrastructure. ACA recommends economic criteria to determine priorities, incenting private capital for public infrastructure, and looking beyond capital planning to address issues of predictable capital programs. Funding, and procurement. Read ACA’s submission.

Lobbied the Government for recognition of COVID-related costs in current and future procurements, including a presentation to the Standing Committee on Alberta’s Economic Future. ACA continues to advocate for fair allocation of unknowable COVID risks with specific recognition of cost and / or schedule impacts. Read more.