Thursday, July 18, 2024

ACA’s COVID-19 advocacy on behalf of industry

In the past two months as the extent of the the COVID-19 crisis intensified ACA has been working on our members behalf to help them and their employees get the help and economic security needed to come through the other side.

We have been sending letters to government and meeting them in web conferences over the past few weeks to push for their support. We are continuing to hold conversations with our partner associations, members and government officials to work on the best solutions.

Below is a list of the letters we have sent to various levels of government on your behalf:

Premier Kenney, March 19, “Construction Sites Must Keep Open

Finance Minister Toews, March 27, “Financing of Construction Supplies that cannot be invoiced

Service AB Minister Glubish, March 30, “Release of Holdback Must Continue

Municipal Affairs Minister Madu, April 1, “Permitting and Inspection Issues

Infrastructure Minister Panda, April 3, “New Procurements During COVID-19 Pandemic

Infrastructure Minister Panda, April 13, “Ensuring Construction and Design are the engine for Alberta’s Economic Recovery

Prime Minister Trudeau, April 16, “Accelerating Economic Recovery through Shovel Ready Construction Projects

Finance Minister Toews, May 12, “Bidding Uncertainty Needs to Be Resolved to Maximize Economic Recovery

Infrastructure Deputy Minister Flint, May 12, “Cost and / or Schedule Impacts of COVID-19