Sunday, May 26, 2024

ACA Budget 2019 Reaction

ACA is disappointed with 12% reduced capital investment which means fewer jobs

Alberta Construction Association sees few measures in this Budget to support jobs for the construction industry. Overall spending for the 4 year Capital Budget is reduced. Further small to medium size contractors generally do not obtain work from few large scale P3 projects such as LRTs.

Whether new schools for increased student enrollments, transit projects to reduce congestion and get goods to market, and hospitals to meet health care, the Provincial Government must continue to

invest in infrastructure regardless of economic circumstances. The level of investment needs to keep pace with population growth and inflation.

Construction is one of Alberta’s largest employers, directly accounting for approximately 240,000 jobs or one in ten working Albertans, with thousands of additional jobs in related occupations. Jobs are a priority and keeping Albertans employed in good paying jobs is critical to the economic engine.

Reductions in infrastructure investment discourage young people from choosing a career in construction, discourage existing workers from remaining in construction, disrupt training of new apprentices, lead to financial hardship for companies, and reduce value for the taxpayer when industry capacity struggles to rebuild to meet periods of high demand.

Given these cuts it is even more important to address job killing regulations and procurement processes to meet the unique needs of the construction industry.

Alberta Construction Association speaks for over 3000 member firms across the Province, including general contractors, trade contractors, and suppliers to non-residential construction markets. Our membership features contractors of all sizes and labour affiliations. Nine associations with hundreds of contractors in their membership are associate members of ACA.