Sunday, May 26, 2024
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Congratulations to 2018 ACA – Thygesen Apprentice Scholarship Recipients

Thirty-two high performing individuals were the 2018 recipients of ACA – Thygesen Scholarships.

The $1000 scholarships are named in memory of Jake Thygesen, a former Apprenticeship Chair and ACA Chair, a champion and generous personal donor to the scholarships program.

Connor LeggeElectrician
Nathan JespersenPlumber
Bryn PetersonRefrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic
Frazer McLeodPlumber
Ty StevensonPowerline Technician
Breton ColeElectrician
Rowen DoerksenElectrician
Derek BergenhamCarpenter 
Evan CoxIndustrial Mechanic (Millwright)
Jonathan KeenanPlumber
Morgan AllenCarpenter 
Graham BolibruckWelder
Matthew AugspurgerCarpenter 
Andrew HartfelderWelder
Glendon SigurdsonIndustrial Mechanic (Millwright)
Joshua PloofRefrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic
Juno YooInstrumentation and Control Technician
Anthony ReidMachinist
Christopher CheungAutomotive Service Technician
Meron WeldHeavy Equipment Technician – Truck and Transport Mechanic
William FrohnHeavy Equipment Tech
Dausen BorleIndustrial Mechanic (Millwright)
Ryan SimsElectrician
Joseph MillerHeavy Equipment Technician – Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic (Off-Road)
Jordan Van Der KooiPlumber
Justin KuziwIndustrial Mechanic (Millwright)
Ajaypal DhillonElectrician
Kevin SchaafElectrician
Jarrod OkoIndustrial Mechanic (Millwright)
Yao-Nien ChungCarpenter 
Meagan ManciniElectrician
Brandie LakeIndustrial Mechanic (Millwright)