Sunday, May 26, 2024
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Green Construction: Zero Emission Vehicles

Earlier in the spring of 2018 German manufacturers Intermat introduced a new construction vehicle which packed a powerful punch in a very small package. The all-electric EZ17e mini-excavator. It is one of the first zero emission vehicles of its kind yet it offers power and performance on par with its gas powered cousin.

According to On Site Magazine, the EZ17e is scheduled to launch in Europe next year and will reach the North American market in late 2019 or early 2020. The company saw this as an opportunity to introduce a vehicle which is relatively quiet, maintenance light and offered a way for construction companies to meet more and more stringent carbon production regulations.

The EZ17e easily meets European Union standards set for noise and exhaust, something which is becoming more common in Canada. As inner-city construction demands a smaller footprint in demolition, the mini-excavator’s small size and 1.7-ton weight makes it easier to transport on a trailer and operate in crowded urban settings.

The EZ17e’s lithium-ion batteries offer up to seven hours of power and can be recharged overnight using a household electrical socket, or in four hours with a high-voltage current. The mini-excavator can also be connected directly to a power source for uninterrupted use.

This is just the beginning of this kind of smaller, electric powered vehicles which meet regulations while offering similar production.

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