Friday, April 12, 2024

Alberta Infrastructure Introduces Digital Delivery and Handover Requirements

In an effort to improve asset management and efficiency in facility operations and maintenance, Alberta Infrastructure has introduced new digital requirements that are now in effect.  These requirements can be accessed at AI’s Technical Resource Centre website.  ACA thanks Alberta Infrastructure for the opportunity to participate in a stakeholder working group to review and shape the digital requirements.  ACA thanks Dan Doherty (Clark Builders) and Sonny Shem (PCL) for representing ACA in this work.  ACA also thanks the member contractors who provided their input to Dan and Sonny.

Infrastructure’s requirements are intended to be a set of living documents, improved with lessons learned from project experience.  Infrastructure plans to work with a number of industry groups to assist industry awareness and education for the application of the requirements.  ACA will inform members as educational opportunities are confirmed.

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