Sunday, June 23, 2024

Self-Driving Vehicles On Construction Sites

One of the hottest new issues in the automotive industry is self-driving cars. These vehicles are driven by computers using GPS, radars, and cameras to move them through their daily commutes. Of course along the way these vehicles are creating questions about how likely they are to be a common use.

Now these vehicles are entering into the workforce.  From self-driving mining trucks to the Built Robotics’ Autonomous Track Loader (ATL).  The ATL is powered by a rooftop cargo carrier that is filled with electronic equipment, including Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR).  LIDAR utilizes a pulsing laser in order to measure distance and range from objects around it. These lasers are specifically designed to withstand high-vibration and high-impact environments, like the ones found in the construction industry.

The vehicle is currently doing testing on sites near the home city of San Francisco but if it proves to be successful at production it could become a feature of the job site no different than any other tool you might find.

You can find out more about it including a video package of the vehicle in action here.