Friday, April 12, 2024

ACA Construction & Community Together

ACA is concerned that Albertans may not be aware of the potential negative impacts on employers of proposed legislative changes.  ACA has embarked on a strategy ACA Construction & Community Together, to help raise Albertans awareness of the importance of maintaining strong construction employers to their community.

ACA tested the concept this summer.  ACA met directly with members, local construction associations, and some of the weekly print media of Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, and Red Deer regions. During these meetings, we were able to talk with our members about the construction industry, their passions, community involvement, and how government can support and undermine our businesses.

ACA has created a YouTube channel to share the videos we recorded with four of our members. Derek O’Connor from Fort Macleod, Jim Taylor from Medicine Hat, Will Woodward and Kelly Slepicka from Red Deer are featured. In each of these videos our members talk about how they got into construction, what projects they are most proud of and how they contribute to the larger community.

It is hoped that these videos, our social media campaigns, and meeting with smaller print media will allow us to continue to build a long-term method to help educate the public on the importance of construction members in their community and the economic and social benefits our members offer.

You can visit our YouTube channel here.