Friday, July 19, 2024

ACA Response to WCB Review – Your Action Urgently Requested

ACA’s Safety / WCB committee’s attached response was submitted to Labour Minister Gray and Premier Notley Tuesday, August 29. This was done after careful consideration and study of the review and the discussions we have had with the government over the last year and a half.

If implemented, the WCB review recommendations will seriously erode Alberta’s WCB as a fair and financially sustainable insurance program. Please share ACA’s response with your membership with a message urging that all CEOs read it, share within their business networks, and raise their concerns with the Premier and the rest of the Alberta Government.

The Government plans to introduce legislation as early as this Fall 2017.

In the next few weeks, ACA will share with you our response to the OHS Review, which also has far reaching negative implications for Alberta’s employers.