Sunday, June 23, 2024

Future Disruptions and How to Manage Them

Future proofing is always a difficult process for companies. Often it comes down to how to quickly manage risk and at what point one seeks to jump on board new technologies or ideas. In a recent article David Bowcott a global director with AON Risk Solutions suggested that more than ever it is critical to be ahead of the curve.

If ever there were an industry ripe for disruption, it is construction. Mega-trends like globalization, asset management, and new technology are beginning to turn this long unchanged industry inside out. So, how do industry players stay on the winning side of future disruptions?

To avoid being run over by change, industry players need to identify what the disruption will be, and ultimately how to become an early adopter. Thus knowledge becomes gold in the future construction economy (in truth it has always been gold, but it will be the primary fuel of success in the future).

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