Tuesday, June 25, 2024

WCB Review Needs Careful Response But Surplus Should Be Refunded

On Thursday July 6, 2017, the government of Alberta released the WCB Review report. The review put forward 60 recommendations which ACA will take time over the next few months to review and report to members.

ACA appreciates the time we will have to look at these recommendations and give them the attention needed and hope we will be given the chance to consult with the government in the interim to suggest appropriate changes where needed.

In looking at the document ACA has concerns about the current surplus collected last year which continues to be held in trust by the WCB. Regardless of future changes employers should receive the refund owing and the WCB should not continue to hold it back. Regardless of the future legislative and policy change, the surplus should be given back to those who fund the system. It is incumbent on the WCB to not hold past money for future policy changes.

To read the recommendations please click on the links below:

Full Report

Executive Summary with recommendations