Sunday, June 23, 2024
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ACA Expresses Concern Over Employment Legislation

On Wednesday, May 24, 2017 the Government of Alberta announced Bill 17, the new Labour legislation. Alberta Construction Association is concerned with this legislation and what it means for employers and taxpayers. The industry specific needs of construction are important factors which we are concerned the new legislation overlooks.

ACA Chair Paul Heyens said, “Construction projects must be completed within strict schedules, working around unfavorable weather, and often at remote locations.  ACA is concerned that construction specific regulations that have been in place have been altered by the new legislation, particularly in relation to banking of overtime. This will ultimately increase the cost of construction.”

We would expect the government to continue to reach out to stakeholders to ensure that the legislation meets the needs of workers and employers during difficult economic times. Additional time will allow both the government and employers to prepare for the consequences of the legislation.

ACA represents 3200 member firms in commercial, industrial, and Institutional construction industry across Alberta. Construction employs one in nine working Albertans.