Sunday, May 26, 2024

Incidents Recently Reported to the OHS Contact Centre

These are summaries of selected work-related incidents recently reported to Alberta OHS and are found in their newsletter. The summaries are based on information obtained as soon as possible after the incident. They are preliminary and subject to change. Because they are being investigated by the employers involved, no additional information is available.

Trusses and worker fall to ground – workers were erecting a timber post and frame structure. A forklift left running moved forward after the parking brake was released, hitting a roof truss. This knocked all the previously installed trusses to the ground and a worker fell approximately 6m to the ground with the trusses. The worker was transported to hospital and released later that same day

Nail gun firing – a worker was walking while carrying a pneumatic nail gun. The worker’s finger was on the trigger. The end of the nail gun rubbed against the side of the worker’s leg and shot a nail into the worker’s lower leg. Worker was transported to hospital for treatment, remaining there for more than two days.