Friday, February 23, 2024

Alberta Government Adopts Seven New Safety Codes

The Government of Alberta has updated or adopted seven new codes, including building, energy, electrical, elevating devices, gas, pressure vessels and private sewage. All of these codes include energy-efficiency improvements to help the province reduce its overall greenhouse gas emissions.

The codes also apply to all other new buildings, including commercial, industrial and high-rise buildings. They allow for the safe use of new technologies that reduce energy waste and combat climate change. For example, elevator devices codes now allow for variable speed escalators and moving walks. When the demand or traffic is not present, the device senses this and will slow down to a neutral speed with minimum energy use.

Starting Nov. 1, all new homes and buildings in Alberta must be built to meet or exceed the updated codes. Alberta’s Safety Codes Council has been providing training to inspectors across the province to help them transition to the new codes.

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