Sunday, June 23, 2024

Underground Facility Locating Industry Survey Request Extended

In a recent newsletter we sent out a request to complete a short survey about the designation of underground facility locator as a designated occupation in Alberta.  Designated occupations have established skills, competencies and standards of performance that meet a provincial standard as determined by industry.

The government have extended the deadline to Monday, August 22, 2016to make sure everyone has an opportunity to complete the survey.

If you haven’t completed it, this is your chance.   Please visit the following link to provide your feedback Click here to start survey .

Again, your participation is completely voluntary and all responses will be kept anonymous.  The survey will take approximately 10 mins to complete. The answers that you provide will be extremely helpful in determining whether underground facility locator should become a designated occupation in Alberta.

Remember, there may be opportunities to continue your participation in this process.  If you would like to volunteer as a potential focus group participant, please email your name and phone number to or complete the form at the end of the survey.