Sunday, June 23, 2024

New Survey Reveals How GCs, CMs and Subs Engage with BIM

In its many studies on the benefits of building information modeling in construction, Dodge Data & Analytics has consistently demonstrated that larger companies are more likely to use BIM and to benefit from it than smaller ones. Therefore, in the latest BIM study—where we examined BIM success factors and modeling—responses were limited to general contractors, construction managers and trade contractors with $50 million or more in annual construction value. That’s because we wanted to hear from firms with the most BIM experience.

This approach minimizes the likelihood of widely different responses due to company size and allows us to see the differences in BIM use among GCs, CMs and trade contractors. The study also examined factors that support the successful implementation of BIM and the overall prevalence of construction modeling as well as how firms are responding to other changing jobsite technology demands.

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