Sunday, May 26, 2024

ACA Response to the Alberta Budget 2016

On Thursday last week the Alberta Government announced the 2016 Budget.  The ACA staff were able to attend the lock up and speak to the media regarding the new budget document.

ACA supports a number of budget measures because they will improve services for Albertans, as well, they support construction jobs and families across Alberta. We are also pleased to see the government is maintaining $35 billion over five years in infrastructure funding, of which $9 billion of funding going to municipalities across Alberta.

ACA supports the small business tax cut on the first $500,000 of income, at least 50% of our member firms have less than $15 million in capital and are privately owned.

We do caution the government to clarify its debt repayment plan. Debt for capital and program funding will increase the next 3 years for a total of $53 billion by 2019, wIth debt servicing costs tripling in 3 years and an uncertainty over future interest rates.

ACA supports the government continued investment in publicly funded apprenticeship training. We look forward to the details of the investment of $15 million in Alberta workers to complete their apprenticeship.

You can read about the budget here.