Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Construction Industry Innovations Make Life Long Learning Key

A recent article in Construction World has stressed again how important lifelong learning can be for everyone.  As changing technology, from 3D printing, drones, BIM and other changes happen it is important to continue to upgrade skills.

The article uses The Future of Jobs Report issued by the World Economic Forum as a jumping off point to discuss how high technology will change the current workforce needs. As well as discussing how future

“[T]echnological disruptions such as robotics and machine learning—rather than completely replacing existing occupations and job categories—are likely to substitute specific tasks previously carried out as part of these jobs, freeing workers up to focus on new tasks and leading to rapidly changing core skill sets in these occupations.

“That could certainly be the case in construction with operators transitioning from working inside the machine to a command center where they oversee the operation of multiple machines with the help of telematics, automation and drone monitoring. And all of that require the development of new jobs and skill sets within the industry.”

You can read more on the article here.