Sunday, June 23, 2024

ACA Media Trainer Receives Gold Seal Certification Course Facilitation Approval

Grant Ainsley Inc. is pleased to announce its media training course has now received Gold Seal Certification ( from the Canadian Construction Association at XTRAcredits. The course, A Construction Communication Challenge – Navigating the Media Maze is a six hour approved communication media course for one continuing education credit. More information can be found at

Stephanie Wallace, Manager of the Gold Seal Certification Program says, “We’re proud to add this course at a time when every one of our members needs to be concerned about their image and reputation. Being able to communicate well is becoming increasingly important to our industry, especially when we speak to the news media.” The Gold Seal Certification Program certifies construction management professionals.

Applicants need a combination of industry experience, education and training to challenge the Gold Seal exam to become Gold Seal Certified. This year the program passed the 10,000-certificate holder mark.

Ainsley has partnered with XTRAcredits ( to help design, implement and seek accreditation approval for the course and curriculum program.