Wednesday, April 17, 2024

ACA Provides Input to Review of WCB

The new provincial government is planning a review of Alberta’s 320 boards, agencies, and commissions to ensure they are fulfilling their mandates in a balanced, sustainable, and affordable manner.

The government retained Tony Dean formerly of the Ontario public service, to assist in drafting the scope of the review.  Mr. Dean interviewed ACA to confirm that the review include examining governance, effectiveness, principles and policies.

ACA was able to share its perspectives on strengths and areas of concern for our membership. These include lead times to recruit employer representatives to the WCB Board of Directors, greater balance for employers in appeals representation, policy interpretation of application of no-fault, and processes for stakeholder input in the policy review process.

ACA had the opportunity to convey concerns arising from the unique nature of the construction business – the importance of Certificate of Recognition and the use of WCB stats by procurers of construction services, the impacts of cost relief when dealing with an aging workforce that moves across employers, and the impact of claims arising from captive workers.  Timing of the formal review has yet to be announced.