Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Get Involved in the Federal Election

Canada will go to the polls on October 19. Do you know what the leaders of the major political parties think about construction-related issues? Do you know who the candidates are in your riding and whether they are up to speed on construction issues? The Canadian Construction Association (CCA) has gathered some tools for you on its election portal. Visit cca-acc.com/en/information/election-2015 today!

Interviews with the Leaders
Michael Atkinson, CCA President, interviewed the leaders of the major political parties this spring. You can read the interviews with Stephen Harper, Elizabeth May, Thomas Mulcair and Justin Trudeau on our Election 2015 portal.

Is Your Candidate Well-informed?
In every election there are many candidates running for the first time. They, and the incumbents for that matter, may not realize how important construction is to Canada’s prosperity. The CCA Election 2015 portal includes a widget that you can use to identify the candidates in your riding and to send them a letter educating them on issues of importance to the Canadian construction industry.