Sunday, May 26, 2024

Alberta Construction Association Congratulates Rachel Notley on Being Elected Premier

“The Alberta Construction Association congratulates Rachel Notley on being elected as Premier, and her party as government, yesterday,” says Dave Kinley, Chairman of the ACA.

The Alberta Construction Association continues to assert the importance of predictable funding for infrastructure, a solid commitment to develop the future of our workforce, and ensuring the government is a preferred client for our members.

“Over the next four years we look forward to continuing to work with the Alberta government on the issues that are important to our industry and Albertans in general,” said Kinley.

The 3000 plus members of the Alberta Construction Association support a prosperous Alberta economy and the well being of Albertans by constructing schools, health care facilities, roads and other infrastructure.  Alberta’s construction industry employs over 270,000 people and contributes over $50 billion annually to Alberta’s economy.