Sunday, June 23, 2024

New Year Means Elections on the Horizon

2015 could turn into the year of the election.  As the price of oil continues to fall and budgets start to tighten Premier Prentice is rumoured to be considering a spring election campaign which could come as early as March.  If Alberta does have a spring election this will mean that there will be an abbreviated sitting of the legislature.

Upper most on the minds of some of our members will be meeting the demands for school construction which were announced in the last year and how the province will afford them under tighter budget constraints.

On the Federal scene the set election date is scheduled for October 19, 2015. In both cases the ACA will work with our partners, including local construction associations, to ensure the politicians know the concerns of our members going forward. Specific to our interest is how the changes to the immigration and education programs will fill the skills gap in our workforce. The ACA and others are working toward a common front on these items.