Thursday, July 18, 2024

Investment in Workplace Essential Skills Training has an Impact on Bottom Line

Workplace Essential Skills enable people to perform job tasks competently and continue to develop other skills along a growth spectrum.  They are the skills that allow employees to adapt quickly to the unprecedented rate of technological change showing up in every workplace.  Having the right skills for the right job at the right time helps organizations stay current and safe as equipment, procedures and products change. See for more information about Workplace Essential Skills.

A recent article highlighting the benefits of workplace essential skills training (25% average return on investment with as high as a 300% ROI; revenue gains, increased company loyalty; greater productivity) ( clearly speaks to many of the issues today’s employers are facing:

  • Employees don’t have the right skills to perform competently
  • Too many health and safety incidents
  • Increasing rates of change and new technologies
  • Problems with retention
  • Lack of productivity in terms of waste, mistakes, re-do’s, sick time, refusal of employees to upgrade training or take promotions

Please visit Alberta Workforce Essential Skills at or email for more information on:

  • Workplace Essential Skills (WES) training
  • Booking an information session outlining the benefits of WES training
  • Organizing a needs assessment

Alberta Workforce Essential Skills training is eligible for Canada Job Grant Funding.