Friday, July 19, 2024

Where They Stand – Election 2023

During the election we will update as parties announce commitments.


Party Commitments

Creation of a new tax credit — the Alberta’s Future Tax Credit — to spur investment in cleantech, carbon materials, critical minerals processing, and advanced manufacturing.
Use Performance Fast Pass to speed up the approvals of projects for responsible companies
Consult with Indigenous communities on expansion of the Alberta Indigenous Opportunity Corporation

Support Small Businesses in Alberta by increasing the income tax deduction limit
Promote economic development policies based on efficient  markets, the removal of barriers for both large and small businesses, collaboration with industry, and an  entrepreneurial ecosystem reflective of Alberta’s strengths and natural assets.    

Creating conditions to grow industries, businesses, and job opportunities
Enhancing trade infrastructure and agreements
Developing strategies to address labour market gaps
A $1,200 non-refundable tax credit for targeted skilled trades and professions where we have labour shortages – including in healthcare, childcare, and trades. Workers will be eligible after living here for a year.
A $3,000-$10,000 tax credit for students in qualified high-demand professions to stay and work in Alberta after graduation.

Increased Affordability

Party Commitments

No personal income tax increase
Ensure that electricity rates are cut and will implement a cap that protects you and your family from the price shocks 
Will take action to make life more affordable. We will freeze income taxes, not bring in a sales tax, freeze auto insurance fees, and cut auto insurance premiums.

Reduce personal income taxes on low- and medium-income earners by increasing the basic personal exemption;  

No increase in personal or business taxes
Extend the Fuel Tax Holiday until December 31, 2023, saving Albertans 13 cents per a litre at the pump.

Infrastructure Investment

Party Commitments

Build and modernize 40 schools
Build the South Edmonton Hospital
Begin work to build the Stollery Children’s Hospital and North Calgary / Airdrie Regional Health Centre
Establish a NAIT Skills Centre
Fund Edmonton’s Downtown Revitalization, including Edmonton’s Chinatown district
Begin work on the North Leg of the Green Line LRT
Establish a downtown campus as part of the long-term plans for Calgary’s future Innovation District

Support a comprehensive transportation, social, and electronic infrastructure plan which  satisfies the needs of Albertans. 
Use a wide range of funding methodologies. 
Prioritize and execute projects in an open, consultative, and transparent manner. 

Exploring an expanded LRT system in Calgary and Edmonton that would link to their respective airports.
Funding for attractions like The Calgary Zoo, Telus Spark Science Centre, Glenbow Museum, and Citadel Theatre.
Contributing up to $300 million, the majority over the next three years, for supportive infrastructure like roads, bridges LRT connections, site utilities, site reclamation and more.
Adding an additional $5 million for K-country trail improvements in 2024.
$2.3 billion to expand and improve Alberta’s road and bridge network, helping to grow the economy.

Skills Training

Party Commitments

Freeze tuition at 2022-23 levels, canceling the latest round of proposed tuition hikes, and capping any future increases to inflation.

Expand access to postsecondary institutions for rural students through satellite campuses and distance learning

Created and released The Alberta 2030: Building Skills for Jobs strategy, which sets the road map for a re-envisioned post-secondary system focusing on high-quality education and the skills and training needed for Alberta’s future.

Sustainable Environment

Party Commitments