Sunday, May 26, 2024

Project Planning

Infrastructure Schedules

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What is the Public Infrastructure Database?
The Public Infrastructure Database is an online collection of public vertical infrastructure project schedules for projects planned up to three years in the future. It is maintained by the Alberta Construction Association with a number of partners.

Who contributes to the Database?
Alberta Infrastructure, the Cities of Calgary and Edmonton, as well as other municipalities belonging to the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association across the province currently contribute project schedules to the database.

How does this benefit my company?
The project data in the Public Infrastructure Database can enable your company to better plan for upcoming work. By seeing projects planned for the next three years, contractors can ensure they have sufficient capacity. The database is available online, and is searchable by region and by project type, allowing you to easily focus on relevant projects.

How do I access the Database?
Use the hyperlink above to be directed to the Alberta Labour Market Link website. Once there click on Infrastructure Schedules.