OHS Code Review Under Way for Safety WCB Committee

The ACA Safety WCB Committee is currently working its way through the OHS Code review process.  Thanks to your input we are able to look at a number of issues that concern us and will be pushing ahead to create a position on the overall changes and how to work with the government on this important file.

High on the list of concerns within our industry is the Silica monitoring and it will be an issue we will continue to advocate for our members. We will continue to push for changes within the new code as well as trying to get clarity on a number of rewritten sections. ACA will share with members our final submission in January 2015.

ACA Seeks to Reduce OHS Barriers Across New West Partnership

The ACA met with our government partners last week on the New West Partnership agreement as we presented our findings on the issues within the agreement that we have some concerns about.  We would like to thank you all for your help on this file as we go forward to try and establish reasonable guidelines in how codes will be used throughout the partners. We would also like to thank our provincial association counterparts who helped us draft our presentation this past week.

You may read our presentation here.

Building Technical Council Proposed Change to Fire Fighting Response Code Clause

The Chair of the Building Technical Council has called for a Mail Ballot for support of:  “NBC 2013 – proposal 894”.  As discussed at Building Technical Council this proposal falls under the administration of the Building Code and as such BTC should provide a public consultation response. The ACA as requested is seeking member’s feedback.

Supporting Document:

NBC 894 FTC review

If you have any comment or question on this change please contact Lee Phillips at  LeeP@scottbuilders.com.  He will need your comments by no later than December 9th.