Federal Election Called

On Sunday August 2nd Prime Minister Stephen Harper called on the Governor General to ask for the election campaign to be called. The 78 day election campaign is the longest of the modern era.

As with the provincial election we encourage ACA members to learn about their local candidates and become informed ahead of the election on October 19.  Early campaign issues are discussing construction including infrastructure funding and apprenticeship training tax credits.

ACA Seeks Member’s Comments on Barrier Free Sites

The Barrier Free Council (representing persons with mobility or vision limitations) is proposing some changes to ensure barrier free access for pedestrians near building sites. Attached below is a document prepared by Barrier-Free Sub-Council, for consideration by Building Technical Council and Fire Technical Council, with intention to provide guidance to safety codes officers, industry and owners and to promote consistency of approach to temporary provisions for site safety in the vicinity of construction sites.

Read the document here and send comment to ken.gibson@albertaconstruction.net by August 12, 2015.