Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Alberta Infrastructure Vendor Performance Management Program Scoring Clarity and Guidance

Alberta Infrastructure has developed supplementary scoring clarity and guidance documents for both Consultant and Contractor evaluations. The documents have been developed in response to what Alberta Infrastructure heard in the Vendor Performance Management (VPM) Program’s stakeholder engagement session held in 2021.

Based on industry input, these documents strive to provide additional context around KPI definitions, scoring criteria, and benchmark guidelines to support both the project managers to score and the vendor to understand the scores being received. The documents are intended to support vendors and project managers to set clear expectations at the onset of a contract and throughout the evaluation and scoring process for the duration of the contract.

Providing scoring clarity as a supplementary document, instead of updating the current evaluation templates, will allow Alberta Infrastructure to understand if the anticipated positive impacts are realized and provide an opportunity to review the evaluation template, guidance and KPIs holistically in subsequent engagement sessions for future improvement opportunities.

The supplementary scoring clarity and guidance documents are available on Alberta Infrastructure’s website.

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