Sunday, May 26, 2024
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Essential Skills Training Help Employers Develop Their Staff

Essential skills are used in every task a worker performs. Workers use essential skills to complete simple tasks, such as filling out a form or giving a verbal update at a meeting, to more complex tasks, such as writing an operational plan with sophisticated computer software. Employees need essential skills in order to perform their current jobs competently and to learn new skills to advance in their careers.

One project AWES is working on is Skilling UP, an innovative workplace training approach funded by the Government of Canada, through the Office of Literacy and Essential Skills (OLES), designed to increase the workplace essential skills of employees in the manufacturing sector.

 Skilling UP offers essential skills training that are tightly tied to workplace procedures and documents determined through an extensive organizational needs assessment. It is aligned to current essential skills levels and organizational goals within the company.

The Alberta Workforce Essential Skills Society (AWES) is a non-profit organization focused on training, research and curriculum development. AWES specializes in developing customized essential skills training solutions for organizations, employers and practitioners.

 AWES has begun posting a series of blog posts and case studies reflecting on each partner’s experience with the Skilling UP Essential Skills training project. Click here to find out more about what they offer.

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