About the Webinar

Join us to find out how Albertan construction businesses can turn creativity into cash.

The much-anticipated innovation revolution in construction is gaining momentum. We now have everything from modular systems and new technology such as BIM to help us boost productivity and save on valuable resources. Whether it’s a small improvement that increases efficiency, an exciting new product, a major process overhaul that steps up productivity or just overcoming technical challenges, all can all be accurately termed innovation.

Most Canadian construction businesses are eligible for investment tax credits (ITC’s) offered by the
federal government for innovation and problem-solving in the construction industry. Specifically,
Scientific the Research and Experimental Development Credit (SR&ED) but most don't realize that they
are eligible for the program, leading to large shortfall in claims by the construction industry.

Join us for a webinar on Construction innovation and SR&ED on March 30th, 9-10am to
learn how you can benefit from this partnership for SR&ED claims.

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Partner Organizations

Alberta Construction Association, in partnership with the 8 regional Albertan construction associations has teamed up with construction business consultancy, Invennt to raise awareness and educate businesses
in the sector about SR&ED tax benefit and assist them in submitting claims.

What are SR&ED tax credits?

Introduced by the Canadian Government in 1984, SR&ED Investment Tax Credits (ITCs) are designed to encourage innovation by allowing businesses to reclaim some of the money they have spent on developing new – or improving existing – products, services and process.

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The opportunity for construction

Canadian Controlled Private Corporations can claim SR&ED Tax Relief which reduces their corporation tax bill by up to $35 for every $100. Normally, claims must be made within eighteen months of the fiscal period end but the deadline has been extended, so even if you missed the original deadline, you may still have time to claim.

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But what qualifies for SR&ED?

You may not realize it, but if you develop or improve construction methods, materials, plants and designs to solve technical challenges, then you have been innovating under the Canadian Revenue Agency’s definition of SR&ED. This includes finding easier, safer or greener ways of working or tackling hostile climate conditions, unusually shaped sites and poor ground conditions.

Construction SR&ED Case Studies  

Revealed in the webinar

If your business pays staff to solve technical challenges then you could qualify for SR&ED.
Join us on March 30th at 9am to find out how you can claim.

  • SR&ED background

    Everything you need to know about the background and aims of the SR&ED program.

  • Claims process

    How long the claims process takes, how it works and what you need to do to get started.

  • Qualifying expenditure

    How the CRA define innovation and the types of expenditure that qualifies.

  • Case studies

    Successful claims submitted by other Canadian construction businesses.