Alberta Government Amends the Safety Code Act

Last week the provincial government introduced bill 21.  If passed the amendment will change the code in the following areas:

  • will ensure that Alberta is able to adopt the most up-to-date building and safety codes available in a timely manner;
  • improves accountability mechanisms with third-party safety inspectors by moving to an improved fee-for-service model;
  • improves compliance by establishing administrative penalties; and
  • assists municipalities with planning initiatives by allowing them to establish bylaws for private sewage disposal systems.

The ACA lobbied successfully for modifications to the first point regarding up to date code adoption. You can read the government release here.

Provincial Government Release the 2015 Budget Thursday

Thursday will see the Alberta Government release their 2015 budget.  It is expected to be the major announcement before the government declares the need for an election next month.

Highlights to watch for in this budget is the funding for schools expected to be constructed or completed in 2016,  Infrastructure cuts or spending announcements as well as other tax measures which may adjust the bottom line for owners.

You can view the documents and watch the announcement here.

Claims Correspondence Available Through myWCB April 1st

Electronic claims correspondence will soon be available through myWCB as of April 1. The choice is yours. Anyone in the WCB Claims Admin Manager Role in myWCB can sign up for this new feature.

Three things to know before signing up:

Who has access? The initial subscription is done on an operational level so all users in the WCB Claims Admin Manager Role with the same account and industry are signed up at once with the initial subscription.

Staying online. If you, or anyone else within your company, calls to request the delivery method be changed to fax for a specific letter, that specific correspondence won’t be available electronically through myWCB.

Making the save. Save your correspondence directly to your system—it will be available online for 90 days before it’s automatically deleted from myWCB.

Want more information? 

More detailed information can be found in the fact sheet. Any technical questions can be directed to WCB’s eBusiness Support team at 780-498-7688 or toll-free at 1-866-922-9221.