Building Technical Council Proposed Change to Fire Fighting Response Code Clause

The Chair of the Building Technical Council has called for a Mail Ballot for support of:  “NBC 2013 – proposal 894”.  As discussed at Building Technical Council this proposal falls under the administration of the Building Code and as such BTC should provide a public consultation response. The ACA as requested is seeking member’s feedback.

Supporting Document:

NBC 894 FTC review

If you have any comment or question on this change please contact Lee Phillips at  He will need your comments by no later than December 9th.

Oil Prices Loom Large on Alberta Government 2nd Quarter Update

Alberta government’s second quarter fiscal results show a strong first six months of the 2014-15 fiscal year; however, the on-going decline in oil prices suggests this is likely not to continue into the second half of the year.

The surplus for 2014-15 is now forecast at $933 million, down from $1.1 billion forecast at budget. The revenue forecast has been updated to $45.0 billion, $637 million higher than originally estimated at budget. Total expense is now forecast at $44.1 billion, up $791 million from budget.

The capital plan is providing $7.3 billion for Alberta’s infrastructure, a $673 million increase from budget, primarily for additional school projects.

The revised revenue forecast is based on $75 US per barrel for the remainder of the fiscal year. For the first six months, WTI averaged $100.08 but with the recent decline in energy prices is now forecast to average $88.88 for the fiscal year.

For further numbers and information please see the government press release here.

WCB Announces Drop of Premium Rate

The WCB announced that due to increased employer performance they are offering a six cent drop in the average industry premium rate in 2015, to $0.97 per $100 of insurable earnings.

The WCB will begin sharing individual rates with employers over the next few weeks, and wanted to ensure that employers have up-to-date information on what is happening in the workers’ compensation system.

Check out the WCB website for information on sector and industry rates, the factors that went in to establishing 2015 rates, and links to services that can help you improve your rate. If you are an employer, the WCB encourages you to sign up for Loss Control Reporting under myWCB to get a personalized rate statement in December.

If you have any questions please contact