Survey on Prompt Payment

A couple of weeks ago we asked you to fill out a survey on prompt payment and its effects on your business. After receiving a strong response so far we wanted to keep it open for a few weeks more to get as much response as possible. We appreciate the time spent to fill out this important information as we intend to use your feedback in shaping ACA recommendations on the issue.

You can fill out the survey here and we will publish the results in a few weeks.

NADC is Seeking Help to Shape Bursary Program

Northern Alberta Development Council (NADC) is currently conducting its 2014 Work Force Scan (WFS), and would greatly appreciate your participation in completing the survey.

The WFS is a short survey (10-15 minutes total) designed to gather information on the workforce needs of employers, including which types of workers, students and training are currently in demand by employers in northern Alberta.

Link to Online Survey:,


NADC Bursary Program: Since 1974, nearly 5,000 individual bursaries have been awarded, with 74% of those receiving a bursary deciding to stay in northern Alberta. For more information on the NADC’s Bursary Program, please go to

ACA Seeks Members Comments on New West Partnership Standard Exception Changes

On August 28, 2014 the Premiers of Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia announced a review surrounding the current list of exceptions to the New West Partnership agreement (NWP), with the goal being to reduce internal trade barriers where it is appropriate to do so.

The three governments are keen to understand regulatory irritants in complying with differing OHS standards and regulations across the three western Provinces. The governments cite as an example a recent change for industry was agreement on first aid kits.  The potential benefits to industry are reduced costs for compliance and related training costs.

These changes however, may mean harmonization to use the highest level as the standard will not recognize acceptable alternative solutions.

The ACA is preparing for a presentation to the Alberta Government on December 1st. We would welcome your input on examples of irritants in complying with differing OHS standards between BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan and your thoughts on support or opposition for adopting the highest standard.

Email your input before November 26th to