Express Entry Changes the Focus to Quality Immigration Candidates

On Jan. 1, the federal government launched Express Entry, a new immigration application management system intended to prioritize applicants and accelerate the process.

Skilled workers, who want to apply to Canada’s key economic immigration programs, now must create an online profile to express their interest in coming to Canada permanently. Candidates who meet the minimum criteria will be accepted into the pool and will be given a score based on language proficiency, education and work experience.

According to the government, these are leading indicators of one’s likelihood of integrating fully and quickly into Canada’s economy and society. The highest ranking skilled workers will be invited to apply for permanent residence and can expect to see their application processed in six months or less. The first invitations to apply will be issued during the last week of January.

The government of Alberta is able to use the system to select a portion of candidates for their Provincial Nominee Programs.

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Investment in Workplace Essential Skills Training has an Impact on Bottom Line

Workplace Essential Skills enable people to perform job tasks competently and continue to develop other skills along a growth spectrum.  They are the skills that allow employees to adapt quickly to the unprecedented rate of technological change showing up in every workplace.  Having the right skills for the right job at the right time helps organizations stay current and safe as equipment, procedures and products change. See for more information about Workplace Essential Skills.

A recent article highlighting the benefits of workplace essential skills training (25% average return on investment with as high as a 300% ROI; revenue gains, increased company loyalty; greater productivity) ( clearly speaks to many of the issues today’s employers are facing:

  • Employees don’t have the right skills to perform competently
  • Too many health and safety incidents
  • Increasing rates of change and new technologies
  • Problems with retention
  • Lack of productivity in terms of waste, mistakes, re-do’s, sick time, refusal of employees to upgrade training or take promotions

Please visit Alberta Workforce Essential Skills at or email for more information on:

  • Workplace Essential Skills (WES) training
  • Booking an information session outlining the benefits of WES training
  • Organizing a needs assessment

Alberta Workforce Essential Skills training is eligible for Canada Job Grant Funding.

Using Gaming Technology to Link Construction Projects

As part of the ENR Future Tech Conference Sue Klawans, vice president with Gilbane Building Co., a longtime BIM user, is starting to use other rapidly improving digital tools, including laser scanning and gaming software—and hardware—to enhance current construction and design approaches.

One of Gilbane’s newest additions to the digital toolbox is the Oculus Rift, a 3D gaming headset device, for instance.

John Myers, a VDC engineer with Gilbane, demonstrated how he had used the headset with Unity, a gaming visualization software, to display a navigable, 3D immersion experience to visually explore a Connecticut office-building atrium design. The atrium idea was a late-stage owner-driven design change to enclose and bridge a space between two buildings. By the time the design was complete, the actual site was heavily occluded by scaffolding and equipment for other work, making visualization of the design on site nearly impossible.  By using the Oculus Rift, Meyer was able to give the project’s field staff a realistic, navigable view of the complex design.

View the Unity 3D engine here:

To see the Oculus Rift in action on a 3D construction site view here: