Alberta Construction Association launches Alberta Election Information Website

electionbanner2The ACA this week is launching an Alberta election information website.  Our goal is to engage candidates on the issues important to our industry in the midst of a tighter budgetary landscape.

However, to achieve our goal we need your help. Members can report back on their impressions of the various candidates via a feedback form.

We would encourage  owners of construction firms and workers to use the hashtag #ConstructionVotes to create media interest in our issues during the campaign.

Members can contact for the following:

1.  A guide to sample questions to ask candidates

2.  Form letter to request a meeting with a candidate.

You can visit website here:


Alberta Government Amends the Safety Code Act

Last week the provincial government introduced bill 21.  If passed the amendment will change the code in the following areas:

  • will ensure that Alberta is able to adopt the most up-to-date building and safety codes available in a timely manner;
  • improves accountability mechanisms with third-party safety inspectors by moving to an improved fee-for-service model;
  • improves compliance by establishing administrative penalties; and
  • assists municipalities with planning initiatives by allowing them to establish bylaws for private sewage disposal systems.

The ACA lobbied successfully for modifications to the first point regarding up to date code adoption. You can read the government release here.

Provincial Government Release the 2015 Budget Thursday

Thursday will see the Alberta Government release their 2015 budget.  It is expected to be the major announcement before the government declares the need for an election next month.

Highlights to watch for in this budget is the funding for schools expected to be constructed or completed in 2016,  Infrastructure cuts or spending announcements as well as other tax measures which may adjust the bottom line for owners.

You can view the documents and watch the announcement here.